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Egg Beaters is a product marketed in the United States as a healthy substitute for chicken eggs. Egg Beaters is primarily egg whites with added flavorings, vitamins, and thickeners xanthan gum and guar gum. It contains real egg whites, but no egg yolks.

A customer mentioned, "Egg Beaters 100% egg whites aren't real eggs people, eggs have cholesterol & Saturated Fat, heck even egg whites contain saturated fat THESE DON'T. These are tasteless, dried chemical garbage."


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Lynne says

"All the products they sent to me had different nutritional labels than listed on their website. Complete false advertising! Have been trying to reach someone at company and phones are down and they never explain themselves even though I have sent them pictures of the nutritional label. Total scam! Kayleigh - it appears that you give the same response to everyone that writes a negative review. Are you an actual person or computer generated response? I have tried to contact your company through all those channels you mentioned and get NO resolution."

Jen says

"I placed an order on 8/28 and every day since 9/2, I have received an email telling me it has not shipped and is expected to ship in the next 48 hours. It has now been over a week since I placed my order and it still has not shipped. I was expecting to get it as quickly as I got my samples. I am disappointed. I do however keep getting emails with coupons and deals, even though the order I already paid for is still not on its way."

Kristen Monette Benton-Bepler says

"Their shakes tasted okay but they caused severe intestinal distress. They said you could return the item. I did so and now I'm having to fight with them to try to get my refund. I have to have documentation a picture of what I sent them. Do not buy from them they are an awful company. Order #214263405"

Mick says

"I ordered over a month ago. They took my money and it never came. They never even sent an email and they won’t pick up the phones."

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